Thursday, November 01, 2007

Dead or Alive

In honor of All Hallows Day, it's a very special edition of Dead or Alive.

This week, Don Imus - Dead, Alive or (start creepy music) Living Dead?!

Judging by this picture, I'm going to have to go with Living Dead. You know what that means? Don't let Don Imus bite or scratch you and for god's sake, never let his bodily fluids anywhere near your orifices.


  1. "never let his bodily fluids anywhere near your orifices"

    Even if he's not a member of the living dead, that's probably good advice anyway.

  2. you should show a side by side pic of him and the Crypt Keeper.

  3. Clinton, good point.

    Kitty, Imus looks like the groom skeleton from your wedding.

  4. Don Imus is dead to me. He knows what he did.

  5. Don Imus needs to drink the blood of the living to stay young looking.

    Unfortunately, he hasn't had any since 1950.

  6. But he looks so stylin' in his big cowboy hat.