Friday, November 09, 2007

Dead Or Alive

The gist of this post is so simple and obvious that I would be surprised if someone else isn't already doing it on a blog or other form or media. If someone else is doing it, I've never heard of you and, quite frankly, it's not my fault that you have so little buzz that you've remained unheard of to me.

The rules are simple, I post a picture and ask the question, Dead or Alive? then you answer.

This week, Rich Little - 80's TV icon, man of a thousand voices (that all basically sounded like him), and Little Debbie Snack Cakes spokesperson. So, is he Dead or Alive?


  1. I think he's alive.

  2. Alive. He recently hosted the Presidential Media Dinner, or some such thing.

  3. Hmm, elijah sounds like he really knows the answer to this one but I'm still going to say dead.

  4. Ha! Wait, Jeff do you not know? Why do I keep confusing his name with that oldschool comedian...what's his name, bald guy, angry, hung out with the Rat Pack... uhhh... the guy I'm thinking of is still kicking, I believe. Anyone please know who I'm talkng about?

  5. Colleen, I have no idea if Rich Little is dead or alive.

    Are you thinking of Don Rickles?

  6. Oooh... good one.

    I say dead.

    You should do Jackie Mason next.

    Heck, do all of those unfunny old timey comedians.

  7. Anonymous2:31 AM

    He hosted the White House Correspondent's Association dinner this year. He found out Colbert is a tough act to follow.