Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Doing A Little Business With America

As Jdizzle noted yesterday, I recently added Google advertisements to pop-o-matic. I did this on the advice of my accountant, Rita, because if I can earn some money from this blog, I will be able to deduct a lot more from my taxes next year.

Apparently, the ads will be customized to match the content I write about, which should prove to be somewhat interesting. I write about toys a lot, which seems like a no brainer for the type of ads that will produce. But what about the weekly sections of Mean Spirited Monday and Dead Or Alive? I can't wait to see what products fit into those posts. I'll cancel the whole ad program if I see an ad for a coffin.

You can check out the ads in the right hand column under my list of Good Reads. Who knows, there just might be something advertised that you are interested in.

Thank you for your support.


  1. Do you think the Ads by Google®™©™ will feature KISS®™©™ Kaskets?!

    That would be pretty bad ass.

  2. Very interesting! How much do you have to make from the ads to deduct blogging stuff?

    (I'll click off daily to help your count!)

  3. Haha. You should think of ways to entice readers into clicking.
    I wish I had it together enough to get ads going on my blog. Too much else to do.

  4. lioux - KISS licensed coffins are a great idea! I'd like them to become my official sponsor.

    Todd - I'm not sure. I guess as long as it's enough to warrant declaring as income.

    Colleen - it didn't take long to set up through Google.

  5. Funny that your ads are all about telly.

  6. Ads?

    What ads?

    Oh wait, I have the Adblock widget on Firefox so they're blocked.

    I knew a blogger who had AdSense and the most she ever made was $.05 and Google wouldn't send her a check because postage cost more than the amount.

    But good luck!

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