Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Monday Night Comedy Review

I don't care much for the situation comedy genre. Aside from Seinfeld reruns, there are only two sit coms that I watch that star actors and not animated characters. Those two shows are The New Adventures of Old Christine, which is never actually on, and How I Met Your Mother, which I mentioned before is on the verge of getting dropped from my to do list.

So last night I had a good old fashioned hankering for an evening of sit coms. How I Met Your Mother was already on my list and, as usual, The New Adventures of Old Christine wasn't airing. So I decided to take a chance and check out the other two sit coms on CBS's Monday night line-up. Those two shows were Two and A Half Men and The Rules Of Engagement, or Attraction (I've already forgotten the name).

So how did these two shows stack up? I was pleasantly surprised by how funny Two and A Half Men was. I love any comedy that promotes alcohol abuse, poor decision making, and prostitution, which Two and A Half Men managed to do in one episode. Last night's episode could have been a fluke but I will definitely be adding it to my list and if How I Met Your Mother doesn't pull back from the sickeningly sweet story lines of late, this new show might just take it's place as one of my two sit coms with real people.

Unfortunately, the same can not be said for The Rules of Whatever. This show is the epitome of why I don't watch many sit coms - it was just one big rehashed story line that has been floating around the boob tube since Lucy got her head stuck in a loving cup that Ricky was giving to an award winning jockey (yes, that's an actual plot from I Love Lucy and if you haven't seen it, check it out). Not even the deadpan comedy stylings of Patrick "Puddy" Warburton could entice me into checking out that crap-fest again.

Since I'm sure the programming people at CBS are reading, here is my ideal CBS Monday night line-up. For starters, why must the sit com be limited to a half hour block? Lets shake things up with 40 minute episodes beginning with How I Met Your Mother (please see warning above), followed by The New Adventures of Old Christine (you are going to have to actually air it for this to work), then Two and A Half Men (as long as the characters don't receive moral makeovers) and finally, the funniest show of the night - CSI Miami Vice.

CBS, the ball is in your court.


  1. I find it hard to watch sitcoms anymore too. It's bad when my favourite characters are animated.

  2. Have you ever watched the office? I was really resistant till this season, now I love it. its the only other sitcom I watch besides how I met your mother, which I agree, has been annoying the last few weeks. I didnt watch last night's yet though...it was annoying too?

  3. Country roads - all of my favorite sit coms are animated. The two I mentioned in the post are literally the only non animated sit coms I watch.

    Kitty - I have tried to get into the office and just don't enjoy it. I like to be open minded so I'll give it another try. Last nights HIMYM, wasn't too bad. Barney had some great lines but otherwise it was a lot of Marshal whining.

  4. I, too, usually watch the CBS lineup on Monday nights, depending on Sister Kisser®™©™'s rehearsal/recording schedule.

    I have to say last night was the first time I've watched it in a while though. [Turns out I haven't been missing much.]

    I started getting into 2 1/2 Men®™©™ last season and have even started enjoying the syndicated reruns which air after Family Guy®™©™ on weeknights.

    Also, I've been a HUGE fan of NAOOC®™©™ and have been really pissed that they've only aired a few episodes this season. Seriously. What do they have against that show?!??!?!

    CBS is a DICK!

  5. I'm w/ Kitty. The Office is great and so is 30 Rock.

  6. Also Jeff, when did you start putting ads in your blog? Sell out!

    (are you making any money?)