Monday, July 14, 2008

Mean Spirited Monday

Every Monday morning I post a picture of a person, place or thing for you to comment on. Remember to have fun and be mean spirited with your comments.

This week, four lousy birds who get half of the beach to themselves because of the god damned environmentalists. Let the meaness begin!


  1. I don't see anything on that sign about hunting?

  2. Too bad Mel isn't there. We could arm her with a buger and fries and push into the bird area.

    Good times!

  3. Good news...there are only two left now. I can't tell you what Jeff was doing last night.

  4. Oh I hope I run up on one of those birds when I'm down there again (I'm guessing this is from NC). The birds don't even belong that far south. I'm kicking one of the bastards.