Tuesday, July 01, 2008

What Do Me, Molly Ringwald, And Abigail Breslin Have In Common?

... We were all on Live With Regis & Kelly yesterday. Ok, so only Molly Ringwald and Abigail Breslin were actually guests invited to sit down for an interview. My boss, the Toy Guy, was also a guest and he was there with a bucket full of cool outdoor water toys for the summer. If you were watching closely, which I'm sure you were, you saw me standing aloof in the background during one of the shots.

I know the question you are dyeing to ask me is where will I be appearing next. I'm currently working on a real scene stealer in which I jump up and down behind the local Albany "news" reporter on location at the site of a fire. If you aren't lucky enough to live in the Albany, NY area, you can head on over to Hometown Hangover and catch my riveting performance as the unloveable Tramp in Bango. Just click here and prepare to be blown away.


  1. Jeff, you gotta give us heads-ups on these appearances! I would have totally TiVoed it. BTW the Toy Guy did a segment on Fox 29 here a few weeks ago.

  2. JDizzle - I'll definitely give you a heads up next time.
    That Philly segment a few weeks ago was part of our Spring Media Tour. We'll be back in the Fall!

  3. Um hello so did you have any encounters with Molly?