Thursday, September 21, 2006

American Airlines Hates

My boyfriend and I were hanging out with another couple tonight when they told us about this American Airlines story - apparently an AA flight attendant woke up a sleeping gay man to tell him to stop being so affectionate with his mate. My first thought was my friend got his facts wrong and was horribly retelling a story. So when my boyfriend and I got home we looked it up. Stories in a multitude of publications, including The New Yorker, tell the story as one man was sleeping with his head on the shoulder of his mate (boyfriend, spouse, partner, whatever) when a flight attendant woke him up and told the couple they had to stop the inappropriate behavior. Apparently other travelers felt there was no inappropriate behavior happening. So it sounds like American Airlines hired a stewardess who hates fags and so far the airline stands behind this person. As an American who flies once every two months, I will write to American Airline expressing my disgust and more importantly will never fly their airlines again. I hope all Americans as disgusted by this story as I was will research it on their own and then take action that lets AA know they can not get away with this prejudice.

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