Wednesday, September 27, 2006


According to a story I just read on the Daily, a man in FL claiming to have a gun on him, took the last TMX Elmo doll (this year's fuzzy 10th year anniversary Elmo) from another shopper who had originally picked it up. The victim claims the armed bandit told him about the gun and said he'd have no problems shooting him (the victim) if he didn't hand over the Elmo.

I'm not going to bother commenting on the hilarious absurdity of this story because the Daily News article is even funnier than the crime itself. It appears as if the Daily News (located in NYC) sent a reporter over to the Times Square Toys R Us for people's reactions to this story. While the two quoted shoppers in the article agree that Elmo isn't worth getting shot over, apparently one shopper feels it is worth getting stabbed - "If the guy had a gun, I'd give him the Elmo," "If he just had a knife ... I don't know."

Now that's comedy!

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  1. Elmo is just a symptom of a greater sickness in American society.