Tuesday, September 26, 2006


On of the most enjoyable aspects of a DVR (TiVo or other brand) is not having to sit through annoying commercials. Unfortunately, there are times when you still get stuck watching a commercial. Like if you are watching live TV, can't find the remote to fast forward or are so hungover that you don't have the strength to press the fast forward button. I recently found myself in one of these situations (I'll let you guess what my predicament was) and was forced to watch a horrible crapmercial. I'm referring to the latest Gap commercial that features footage of Audrey Hepburn dancing. I think the Gap should be ashamed of itself. For a clothing company that considers itself stylish, to use a dead celebrity to peddle its pants is truly tasteless. Audrey Hepburn probably never stepped one foot into a Gap and now, through no choice of her own, she is forced to act as the store's spokesperson. I guess she can rest somewhat easy in the knowledge that she isn't dancing with a vacuum cleaner.
Audrey Hepburn, 1929 - 1993 Rest In Peace.

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