Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I'm Ready to Fall Back

Is anybody else having a difficult time getting out of bed in the morning when it's so dark out? I keep thinking it must be raining or something is wrong with my clock and it's actually the middle of the night. Well I have just what you need to make getting up on a dark morning a whole lot easier - Seth's latest podcast.

It's a funky fun number sure to get you in the get-up, featuring Sly and the Family Stone with just the right amount of Sethence added to the mix. Listen now at Seth In Brooklyn and enjoy!


  1. Ugg, I'm with you. I walk the poochies every morning before work, and soon I'll be doing it in the dark! I'm telling you that some boogie man is gonna jump out of the bushes and get me. Mark my words!

  2. Has Kook been hanging around your neighborhood again??

  3. It's the chilly mornings that make it hard for me to get out of bed.

    I go home in the dark though.