Monday, October 01, 2007

Mean Spirited Mondays

Every Monday morning I post a picture of some random celebrity, or non-celebrity for you to comment on. Remember to have fun and be mean spirited with your comments.

I don't know about you but I don't write too many checks these days. The only check I write regularly is for my rent. So it's been a while since I've had to order new checks. In fact, the address printed on my checks is an apartment I lived in seven years ago.

As it turns out, I'm finally getting down to the last 10 checks or so, which can probably last me half a year but I decided to play it safe and order new ones. I know that I could have done that online or even through the ATM, but the whole checkbook concept seems so antiquated that I thought it would best to go the old fashioned route and actually enter a bank and speak to a human being. This process was simple and after a few minutes with the customer service person, I was assured my checks would arrive in 7 days. Seventeen days later, I received a starter set of checks numbered 1 through 50. That's all! So now I'll being going to the internets and ordering the correct checks on my own.

This long winded story brings me to today's victim, J.P. Morgan from J.P. Morgan Chase Manhattan Bank. I realize you might not bank with Chase but surely you have a frustrating bank experience of your own so I invite you to take it out on Mr. Morgan in the comments section.


  1. Oh hells yes. Until I get more freelance checks in, I have needed to make a significant transfer from my small online savings account into my newly created bank account. To do this with a new account, you have to send them a voided check, which I overnighted for no small fee, a week and a half ago. Every day I look online, and every day it just says Pending. Meanwhile bills and rent are due. Awesome! Life of a freelancer.

    Damn you Emigrant Direct! Also you have chincy website design!

  2. I don't know anything about JP in particular. I'm sure he had some redeeming qualities.

    Doesn't Kelly work for them? Wait, I'm trying to network with her so I can't say anything bad. JP is great.

  3. That's right JDizzle.

  4. More frustration with two banks, one of them Chase, just occurred! I deposited a much-needed check in my account...funds not available to me til Oct. 9!

    Called Emigrant Direct, turns out they can't use the check I had sent them because it was a starter check, but hadn't bothered to notify me via email. They were just letting it meander its way back to me via snail mail.

    OMG. so frustrated.

  5. I don't know anything about JP either, but I will say that Chase is the suckiest bank in the history of banks. Fees for everything. You breathed while at the ATM? That's a $1.00 fee.

    And apparently their new CEO is, like, the most evil man alive. In addition to a lot of outsourcing of jobs, he's making employees pay the bills for their own company cell phones.

    So yeah, Chase is evil.

  6. Imagine that. Shitty corporate CEOs. :-)

  7. Colleen - sounds like you are having a lot of banking nightmares. I can relate with you on the starter check thing. I knew as soon as I saw them there would be problems down the road and since I've had the account for 10 years, I shouldn't be receiving starter checks at this point.

    jdizzle - stop sucking up.

    Kelly - no comment.

    Haha - don't forget the fee for enjoying the ac while you stand in line.

    Eric - i know, crazy right?

  8. Dear JP, If you could only charge more fees and interest and make your customer service less friendly, you'd totally rule the world. I know I, for one, enjoy getting reamed every month on my credit card statement. It's like you really love me and that makes me feel special. Thanks again.

  9. Too bad you guys don't have Wells Fargo out there.

    I haven't had any probs [knock on wood].