Monday, December 17, 2007

Mean Spirited Monday Holiday Edition

Every Monday morning I post a picture of some random celebrity, or non-celebrity for you to comment on. Remember to have fun and be mean spirited with your comments.

This week, Frank Shirley. Let the Meanness begin!

Talk about a dickhead! What sort of a person does away with Christmas bonuses and doesn't even have the decency to let his employees know about it! He deserves to be kidnapped on Christmas Eve by a large, burley man in a blue leisure suit.


  1. Is that the guy from Christmas Vacation?

    What kind of idiot would ever even hire clark Griswald?? What a schmuck!

  2. Fucking bosses...

  3. Hey, that's Bill Murry's brother. I like that dude.

  4. "Oh Frank you didn't! Of all the lousy ways to save a buck!"
    - Mrs. Shirley