Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Good News!

I finally have the interwebs up and running and a land line at the new house! We still don't have cable TV but hopefully that will be remedied this weekend when the Direct TV folks get out here.

Otherwise, the unpacking and setting up home is coming along nicely. Even though we are just a little over two and half hours north of the city, the weather here is drastically different. We had close to two feet of snow fall last week and it's just staring to melt. Check out the following picture of my back yard to see what I'm talking about.

Hopefully now that I've got the "emails" I'll be getting back to a more regular posting schedule.


  1. It looks so beautiful there!

  2. Kelly3:32 PM

    I think I had a friend named Jeff once who lived in the city. Any chance this is you?

  3. Its true! Its beautiful!

    I was hoping for some sledding pix.

  4. That is a gorgeous picture. You're making me miss that part of NY state a lot.

    Hope all is well up there!!

  5. I can't express how jeal I am. Congrats, you two!