Thursday, January 10, 2008

What Am I Missing?

While things are coming along nicely here on the home front, we still don't have TV. Hopefully that will be remedied this weekend when the Direct TV people arrive. Oddly enough, I haven't really missed watching the idiot box but I have to admit, I feel a little left out.

I'm hoping you can help answer some TV related questions that have been rattling around in my head.
Is the writers strike still going on?

How are Kate and Pat doing on the Amazing Race? Great I'm sure. After all, If anyone can win the race its two geriatric lesbian ministers from Thousand Oaks, CA.

Has the Supreme Court chosen a new President for us yet? I seem to recall a lot of hoopla about elections. Have they happened?

Who is still in and who is out on Project Runway? Please don't tell me Jack is out. He is my favoritist.

Speaking of Bravo, has Make Me A Supermodel started yet?! I can't imagine anything more craptastically entertaining than a supermodel contest hosted by Tyson Beckford and Niki Taylor!

Who won the Super Bowl?

That's about all for now. I'll let you know if I have any more burning questions later. Please keep your fingers crossed that everything works for us with Direct TV this weekend, I'd hate to miss the finale of Survivor China.


  1. Writer's strike is still ongoing, Pats will most certainly win the Superbowl...

  2. I think that the writers' strike will end soon, though. Everybody's cutting side deals, because they need to get back to work. Here's to hoping...