Friday, February 22, 2008

Dead Or Alive?

The gist of this post is so simple and obvious that I would be surprised if someone else isn't already doing it on a blog or other form or media. If someone else is doing it, I've never heard of you and, quite frankly, it's not my fault that you have so little buzz that you've remained unheard of to me.

The rules are simple, I post a picture and ask the question, Dead or Alive? then you answer.

This week, Louis Anderson, Dead or Alive?


  1. Oh crap, you are so good at picking these. Alive? Life with Louie, that's all I can remember him from...was that a cartoon? He was sort of a poor man's John Candy, wasn't he? I'm talking about him in the past tense, so maybe there's the answer.

  2. Liouxie®™©™2:33 PM


    I never lived with him...Ewww.

    ¡Hola Jeff! Long time no comment here on

    I'm planning my return to bloggerland soon with a new Xtreme makeover and everything.

  3. Dead!

    Hey look...Lioux is back!

  4. This is so weird.

    This is the third time I have heard his name mentioned this week.


  5. I think he is alive.

    Colleen - definitely a poor man's John Candy.

    Welcome back Lioux! I'm looking forward to the extreme makeover.

    Big Daddy - That's just odd.

  6. Anonymous6:51 PM

    I say that louie is alive. i have been spending a lot of time at home recently trying to find a new job (or maybe this will be my new job) and i think but i can't be sure because i primarily watch the soap network from the hours of 1 until 7 (2 episodes of one tree hill, two episodes of the oc, two episodes of bev) but anyway i digress, i think he hosts family feud or at least he did. it might be hosted by the fat side kick from home improvement now. but anyway i am going to go with Alive!

  7. He's very, very dead.