Monday, February 04, 2008

Mean Spirited Monday

Every Monday morning I post a picture of some random celebrity, or non-celebrity for you to comment on. Remember to have fun and be mean spirited with your comments.

This week: As I mentioned in my earlier post (scroll down) I bet on the Patriots to win yesterday so for that reason, this week's M.S.M. victim is New England Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady. Let the Meanness begin!


  1. I think that Tom Brady is evil deep down inside. Anybody who is that handsome, an insane athlete who wins multiple superbowls, and bangs actresses and supermodels must have signed a contract with the devil.

  2. I have nothing evil to say. HOwever, since he caused you to lose money, howzabout we make his punishment having to spend his day at my place, naked and face down on the floor?

  3. We had a bet at our Superbowl party that all the females in the room (and some males) would be sperminated by Tom Brady magically through the television. That's how strong his sperm is.

  4. Fucking quarterbacks...

  5. I already blogged this, but couldn't resist another opportunity to mock Brady:

    Seeing Tom Brady lose was the apex of football season for me. The man is a complete douche. Seriously. I'm not talking about breaking up with then-girlfriend Bridget Moynahan while she was pregnant, but rather the fact that on December 10, 2006 -- we (Miami Dolphins) beat these bastards 21-0 and a week later, Brady has the gall to say, "I'm sure if you asked them, it probably sounds good for them to say they have it all figured out, but they're 6-7 and we're 9-4, so go tell me who probably has it more figured out."

    Hey cockboy -- not only did we kick your ass, but we embarrassed you. So, how about you pour a tall, frosty glass of Shut The Fuck Up and choke on it. Oh and by the by? Your chin looks like a butt and your teeth look like Chiclets.