Monday, February 04, 2008

Party Of Three

I can't believe I'm going to type this but, that was one hell of a game yesterday. We had a small Bowl party up here in the mountains that consisted of me, Seth and our new best friend - TiVo. This is our first TiVo since we always had the Time Warner DVR box when we lived in NYC. This little thing is amazing - not only does it have all the DVR features we were expecting, but we can also use it to stream pictures, music and movies from our computers to the TV. And of course, it has all those great noises.

So back to our Bowl party, we started off early with Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl, which if you have never seen it, is the cutest thing on TV. Every year they get a gang of insanely adorable puppies and put them all together in an enclosed miniature football stadium. The dogs just run around playing with toys and each other and having fun - it's great!

After the puppies it was time for the Super Bowl. Jordan Sparks did a great job singing the National Anthem in a studio sometime last week. Too bad she didn't do as good of a job lip-synching to it last night. And how about Tom Petty! He was on my list for a future Dead or Alive? I'm not sure if I'll be taking him off that list but it was still a great show. Overall, I was unimpressed with the commercials but blown away by the game itself. Unfortunately, I had money on the Patriots.


  1. c'mon , the ad with the giant pigeons was pretty funny.

  2. um, hold up. Jeff what did you do with the REAL Jeff? Super Bowl party??? Waaaaah??? You hate sports! Plus, why did you not have money on the Giants? You live in NY for crying out loud. Is the move close to the Mass border destroying you mind?

  3. Kitty - I don't remember that one.
    jdizz - I picked my team by their uniforms.

  4. jeff..the mountains have made you so butch!