Friday, September 14, 2007

Attention Brooklyn Bargain Hunters! **UPDATE**

**UPDATE** I've just been informed by Kitty that we will only be holding the stoop sale tomorrow (Saturday). Looks like I'm free to get loaded tomorrow night then!

This weekend Kitty, myself and our prospective others, are throwing a stoop sale! This is no run of the mill, casserole dish and half-used candle sale either. Between our two households we will be gathering oodles of quality goodies, which we will then offer to you at rock bottom prices.

Our stoop sale will have literally hundreds of DVDs and CDs plus video games, toys, furniture, household items, clothing and much much more. Lots of the toys and discs have never even been open (they fell of a truck).

Weather permitting, you'll find the stoop, us and the goods on 5th street between 7th and 8th avenues (just off 8th) in the Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn. The sale begins tomorrow at 11am and ends when we get bored, tired or run out of booze. We are probably going to make this a two day event with new items introduced on Sunday.*

Limited time offer - mention pop-o-matic and receive a cup of our secret stoop sale liquid concoction. The secret ingredient is whiskey and it's the only way to deal with the wack jobs who ask too many questions at stoop sales.

*I may bail on Sunday if I have too much tot drink Saturday night and can't make it off the couch.


  1. OOHH, Wish I could be there! Or maybe I'll come but in costume as a crazy bag lady. You never know.

  2. Oh, it's on!

    To clarify, we will not be doing the 2 day event this time around...I have to work on Sunday...we will just have to pack as much lunacy into one day as we can!

    Jeff-Flyer hanging tonight? The one prob with that is that it is supposed to rain tomorrow early morn.

  3. What DVDs are you selling, and for how much? I'm always up for adding to my collection.

  4. jdizzle - please do. That would be great.

    Kitty - were on!

    haha - Kitty's husband is the one selling all the DVDs so I'm not sure what he has. At the last sale he had 100s of obscure CDs and DVDs that had never even been opened.

  5. We did a crazy purge of the dvd and cd collection this morning...we added at least 40 or 50 dvd's of popular movies, we just had to admit that we probably would not watch all of them again.

  6. Kelly4:29 PM

    I'm in! Although I'm not sure if I will get my stuff organized to bring it over for sales by tomorrow morning. So I might just come and drink.