Thursday, September 20, 2007

What Do They Know That They Aren't telling Us?

Yesterday I flipped over to NY1 to check the weather and saw some bit about a contest awarding people fully stocked Go Bags. In case you don't know what a Go Bag is, it's the emergency kit that we are all supposed to have, which we can grab and go and be prepared for anything. Your Go Bag should contain batteries, a flashlight, bottled water, emergency poncho, case of wine, bandages, bottle of whiskey, a couple 40s of Bud, and whatever else you might need in the event of an emergency.

After spotting the NY1 contest, I was perusing the Real Estate section of the Times and happened upon another article about Go Bags. Now this morning on the train, I was standing directly in front of a bright yellow poster asking NY if we are ready for an emergency.

So what's with all the emergency prep this week? Is this a new tactic between the city officials and the media to passive aggressively alert us to an upcoming attack? Has the PR agency hired to pimp Go Bags been working overtime or calling in favors lately? Or has someone simply alerted the media that Jenni B is returning to NY for two weeks?

In any event, I'll be making sure the bar at home is fully stocked and maybe I'll even buy a battery or two.


  1. One thing Louisiana has going for it is, no disasters ever happen here! Oh wait.

  2. I always have spare batteries on hand...but for a different reason altogether...

  3. I was going to say, my Go bag will just have a bottle of vodka, a pack of cigarettes and a lighter. And maybe a bag of chips.

    Besides, if the blackout of 2003 taught me anything, it's that if there's ever a real emergency, we're totally up the creek.