Thursday, May 22, 2008

G.I. Joe The Movie

I so want this movie to be great but pictures like the following (of Storm Shadow and The Baroness) have me worried.

The Baroness looks true to my adolescent image but what the hell is with Storm Shadow?! Where is his mask and why is he wearing a lab coat? Aside from this picture, another red flag that this movie is going to suck is the cast. I like the Wayans brothers in Scary Movie but can't imagine any of them bringing much to the table for GI Joe.

Oh, well at least I have Transformers II to look forward to.


  1. Wait.


    I say 'NO, JOE!' to this movie.

    I used to heart G.I. Joe.

  2. Lioux, I was a huge fan of all things GI Joe - the comics, cartoon, and action figures. I'm still going to see the movie but I don't expect much.