Monday, May 12, 2008

Mean Spirited Monday - An Update

Over the weekend, I received the best comment here on pop-o-matic to a Mean Spirited Monday from October 15 of 2007. The subject on that day was Adam Goldberg.

Here is the comment, you will notice it was left by "Anonymous," which is always a brave move for someone when leaving a nasty comment. Enjoy!
Anonymous said...

i'm not really one to comment on this nonsense, but i feel compelled. i stumbled across this page and i have to say, you people are tools. are you really that pathetic and bored that you trash people you don't even know based on looks? wow. how very big of you. wonder what all of you fat computer world losers look like... maybe if someone kicked the crap out of you, you might not be so inclined to feel superior. let's face it, he obviously has more ambition, drive, and brains than any of you, computer people. in conclusion, get a real life, and toss your computers. maybe try and get a date. form real relationships, with actual people. find some moxy and insult someone to their face instead of talking behind their back. or if all else fails, walk into traffic and do everyone else a favor, the world doesn't need low self-esteem prats like all of you. thanks.

Click here to read the original post and see if you chimed in.


  1. Don't you just love mean anonoymous comments? I got one the other day. They are the ones hiding behind their computers, at least we are voicing our opinions! Plus, who gets mad at a blogger, why do they care so much?

  2. Kelly2:33 PM

    That is excellent!! How did you know that he had made a comment from such an old post?

  3. Smoochies - I agree. It's not like this blog is the New York Times. It's my opinion.

    Kelly - I get an email every time someone leaves a comment.

  4. Anonymous4:00 PM

    I am anonymously reading your blog and I love it!! Keep up the good work!!!

  5. That's the best...hysterical. I love the way he calls everybody "computer people." Like, dude, aren't you using a computer too?

  6. anonymous®™©™5:24 PM


    I mean, YOU ARE!

    YOU ARE!

  7. I just realized, I am pretty sure this guy is the same that commented on my blog. I got the message about the same time as you and he also did not use any capital letters.

  8. I love the fact that someone that hates people that hide hides as anonymous.

    Oops...did I leave my name on this?

    back to grabbing the office girls butts....

    that's acceptable in society right? It works on my computer....

  9. Sooo funny. It's probably Adam himself all pissed off about the Hebrew Hammer quote. Which by the way made me piss myself. Again.

  10. ha haaa.
    gotta love the anonymous hater comments. i've gotten a few myself.
    i always wonder when people get offended at stuff like this, have they seen blogs before? it's not too unusual to make fun of a famous person on the internet.