Monday, May 12, 2008

Mean Spirited Monday - The Establishment

Every Monday morning I post a picture of a person, place or thing for you to comment on. Remember to have fun and be mean spirited with your comments.

This week, the establishment. Let the meaness begin!

I'll get things started. What's happened to the ideals and Utopian communes that our hippie fore-fathers refused to fight for? Today our label-obsession goes way beyond the tag in our collars, we work, live and sink ourselves into debt in order to buy the right Mp3 player, phone, car, TV, and gourmet everything from jelly beans to grilled cheeses. It's time for a new Human Be-In. So shake off the shackles of conformity and join us up in the mountains for hippie commune 2.0!


  1. I'd like to! But I'm bringing grilled cheese.

  2. Fuck the establishment! I called in "sick" today.

  3. Why doesn't the government get off our backs?