Thursday, February 01, 2007

Office Lunatic

Have you ever stalled or gone out of your way to avoid someone?

There is a crazy person here in my office and not the fun, zany type but rather an unstable, insane nut, who I will do anything to avoid talking to. I was in a rush to get home yesterday and as I was putting on my coat, I saw this person doing the same. I was already standing at my desk and about to leave so I quickly grabbed the phone and pretended to make a call so I could avoid leaving with the lunatic. The only thing worse than the thought of waiting for the elevator with this person would be riding the elevator with said nut. I don't know what crazy pants was doing but they took 10 minutes to get bundled up and out the door. I had to wait another 5 minutes before I could leave in case they had stopped by the bathroom on route to the elevator.

I ended up leaving work later than I had wanted but at least I avoided talking to the office freak.

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