Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Rock-o-Matic: Truck On Big Wheel

Welcome to an exciting new regular section from pop-o-matic's first contributing blogger, Josh.

I'm very exited to be able to post on pop-o-matic. I plan to offer a weekly song, or songs, based upon a theme of my choosing. For my first song choice, I was inspired by the Big Wheel. Everyone that was anyone had a Big Wheel when they were young. You may recall The Shining, with Danny rolling along in his Big Wheel and seeing those creepy twins at the end of the long hall. Ever since, I've been afraid of long halls and twins.

I had several Big Wheels when I was younger. I think they broke fairly easily. Today, the Big Wheel is just a memory. Kids these days are fat. They stay indoors playing their sophisticated Wiis or PS3s, while mum prepares the kool aid and the afternoon dosage of Ritalin and Xanax. So in honor of the Big Wheel, I offer this download from T-Rex. Truck On (Tyke) reached #12 on the charts in 1973, four years after the invention of the Big Wheel. The lyrics aren't complicated and the guitar riff is infectious. Truck on, truck on, truck on, indeed. (Right Click, then "Save Link As" to save to your 'puter)

T-Rex - Truck On (Tyke)

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