Wednesday, February 21, 2007

We don't All Need Nurse-Maiding

The American Medical Association is asking Hollywood to give R-ratings to movies that depict smoking and to air anti-smoking trailers at theaters that show those movies.

This is almost as alarming as the proposed ban on headphones and cell phones while crossing the street.

I'm sick and tired of the Safety Nazis trying to control our lives. Instead of all these ridiculous attempts at censorship and repression, why not pass a national Common Sense law that says "You are responsible for yourself". If you want to smoke cigarettes that's fine but don't try to sue the tobacco companies when you get sick. If you want to talk on the phone while crossing the street then just do it but don't expect your phone carrier to cover your medical bills when you get run over. If McDonald's is your favorite food, enjoy it but don't ask Ronald to pay for your gastric bypass in 5 years.

Why should we all be expected to live in a decaffeinated, trans fat-free world of padded corners and restricted content because some people refuse to take responsibility for themselves?

PS. If you are that person who sued McDonald's (and won) because your hot coffee was hot, then shame on you.

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  1. I agree, the Rated R for smoking thing is going a little too far. But with today's breed of horrible parents who let their kids play with Bratz dolls and wear hot pants with the word "Juicy" on the ass, what else can be done. The government has to step in and parent for the retards we went to school with who somehow had babies. I think this all goes back to Megatron being a gun, not a plane. That really upsets me.