Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Rock-o-Matic: You Drive Me Crazy

Before I begin my post today, I want to congratulate Jeff who hit his 200th post today. Keep up the good work Jeff.

Today Rock-o-Matic looks at crazy bitches. Now, I know there's a lot of crazy bitches in the world but only a few of them record music that you and I can purchase. First, on my list is Lindsay Lohan. All I know is that I think she's in rehab, again. Her second album A Little More Personal (RAW) was the second of her albums I failed to buy. There was a third which I've heard about and she did a song for the Herbie the Love Bug movie, too. Anyways, I like this song and listen to it on my iPod while driving my car.

Lindsay Lohan - Who Loves You

The second crazy bitch is Paris Hilton. She was just busted for driving with a suspended license, which was a result of a DUI. And then she had all those private sex videos that came up on the internet that I watched. How embarassing for her. Her debut album was a tour de force. I thought about buying it, but thought harder.

Paris Hilton - Stars Are Blind

Finally, the craziest bitch of the moment (counting living people only. Sorry, Anna Nicole) is Britney Spears. Some people say she's on drugs or an alkie. I say she's just plum loco. As in cuckoo nuts. She shaved her head, whipped an umbrella around, she's been married and unmarried repeatedly, and I think she popped out a few crazy babies. Not a girl, not yet a woman, indeed. She's a certified crazy ass bitch.

Britney Spears - I’m Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman

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  1. Thanks Josh. I had no idea I hit my 200th post.

    I love today's tunes!