Tuesday, August 14, 2007

And Another One

As I type this, our good friend Gilligan is gathering her gear and heading to the airport. She is moving from NYC to Hawaii today and it looks like she picked a hell of a day for this move. Last night a 5.3 magnitude earthquake jolted the Big Island of Hawaii and if that wasn't bad enough, Hurricane Flossie also decided that today was the day to head to the former Sandwich Islands.

Good luck Gilligan! We'll miss you!

Gilligan has launched a blog to keep us all abreast of her North Shore lifestyle. I'll give you the address and link as soon as she starts posting.


  1. Gilligan?!



    I just hope there's no three hour tour involved.

  2. Good point lioux!

  3. what? where the heck have i been? Why is she moving? I need details!!!

    The north shore is amazing. I was there 2 years ago.

  4. Jess, we asked her to leave mainland for a while b/c we needed some time apart.

    We did pull some political strings though, so she's staying with Barack Obama's family.

  5. Thanks Kelly. I understand. So good of you to hook her up with the Obamas. I heard Mrs. Obama can hang a mean 10.

  6. Good Luck gigglin!

  7. Had no idea of Gilligan's Island, the remix. Have I been that out of touch? I realize she and Kelly seriously needed some time apart, but leave the mainland??? Good luck, my friend! Keep us posted.