Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Brain Freeze

It isn't very often that I can't think of anything to post about but I have to admit, this morning I got nothin! Which is why I was so glad to find the following image in my inbox.

It's a picture of Seth from his trip to Krustylu Studios in Springfield. I don't know how but it looks like Seth lined up Burger King as the official sponsor of his trip.

While I'm using other people's work to fill my blogger's block, Kelly has launched a blog of her own. Check it out at


  1. That Seth is so clever. Soon we'll be seeing him on stage at the Met in a BK tee

  2. Kelly, he has to wear the same costume as everyone else during performances so he'll probably just shave "BK" into his head.

  3. i like his thong flip-flops.


  4. Jew, I'll tell him you said so as soon as he gets back from Springfield.

  5. He looks a little psycho like he's up to no good.