Friday, August 03, 2007

Springfield Singapore

My latest Simsponsized friend photo comes from the other side of the planet. It's Miss Jennifer herself or Singapore Sally as she prefers. I see that Jenn is wearing a T-shirt emblazened with one of her favorite Wii sports. If you haven't already made your own Simpsons avatar, Click Here and make one now. Don't forget to send it to me when you are done because they make me laugh and reduce the amount of thinking I have to do for posts here on pop-o-matic.


  1. Please 'splain: the avatar is one you create yourself, and if you go to Simpsonize me, that one uses a photo of you, correct? I've tried the latter, not the former, & it keeps rejecting me.

  2. She could be one of the 'Pin Pals'!

  3. I tried making one of myself and it didn't look anything like me.