Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Genius At Work #7

As much as I love a good beach vacation, there are a few elements of the beach itself that I'm not so crazy about. For starters, I hate sand. More specifically, I hate when sand gets all over my stuff and me. But even worse than sand, is sun screen.

You have to apply this crap a good hour before heading out and then you have to stand around waiting for it to sink in. If you sit down or put your shirt on before you've achieved proper absorption, all your efforts will be wiped off. Even once fully absorbed, you are left with a slick greasy feeling all day and there is no guarantee that you even covered your entire body - you'll just have to wait until that random patch of sun burnt skin appears to realize you missed a spot.

So here is my Genius idea - a sun screen pill! Think about, there is a pill for just about everything, from regulating your mood to keeping you from getting pregnant. So why in this modern pill happy era are we still slathering this messy crap on ourselves?

Come on pharmaceutical pushers, get with the program!


  1. Anonymous10:25 AM

    Good idea! But my one reservation would be that somehow, people would find a way to abuse it and we find a bunch of dead albinos who've OD'ed.

  2. As a living albino, who has to put on sunblock just to walk a few blocks to the store, I would love that.

  3. MW Gal - That's a good point but I think the albinos will find something to OD on even if my pill isn't available.

    Colleen - Ditto!

  4. I like it. Or maybe they make a shower that you can stand in like a tanning booth that sprays sunscreen all over you.

    The thing that annoys me about the South Jersey beaches is that there's no place to pee! No public bathrooms unless you are near the boardwalk or you're renting a place nearby.

    So everyone just pees and craps in the ocean. Gross!

  5. I neeeeeeeeeed this!!!!!!

    ~Irish (obvs)

  6. There's a pill to keep you from getting pregnant?

  7. jdiz - stop being so lazy and just walk back to the house when you have to pee.

    Irish - you and me both!

    ha ha - There's a pill to keep you from getting pregnant?

    Its not A pill, its THE pill.

  8. Wasn't that the plot of Soul Man?

  9. Jeffe,what if you are just visiting for the day and don't have a house to go to? I'm talking about those dirty one-day-only families w/ 8 kids that haul the pick-up truck down to the beach for the day. The ones w/ the bad kids who kick sand in my face and feed the seagulls.