Monday, July 30, 2007

Weekend Recap

I feel like I crammed an entire weekend of activities into last Thursday night, which is why I didn't even post anything on Friday. I started off meeting fellow bloggers for happy hour after work in the village. Although I only stayed an hour and left before a lot of people arrived, I had a great time and actually remember the entire happy hour since I had to leave before getting as trashed as usual.

I left the bloggers and headed up town to my favorite Upper West Side bar, Yogi's, where I met up with Seth, Kelly, Adam, and Daniella. We had tickets for the 8:30 showing of Harry Potter in 3D at the Imax so we didn't have a lot of time at Yogi's. It was still enough to down several pitchers of beer and a few cocktails before heading over to the theater. I'm not going to spend too much time talking about Harry Potter I'll just say I was disappointed and found this to be the dullest in the series yet. There is an incredible fight scene at the end but unfortunately it just wasn't enough and this film seemed to lack the fun and excitement of the ones before.

After Potter, we headed to a bar for a few after movie drinks, which turned into a very late night/after party back at our place in Brooklyn. Kelly decided to chuck a sicky on Friday and crashed at our place Thursday night. On Friday, we all woke late to throbbing hangovers and spent the day convalescing. That night, Kitty came over for beer and Mexican food and we hung out chatting, gossiping, and watching lots of Ninja Warrior.

On Saturday Seth & I headed out to do some errands and were soon chased back indoors by the heat and humidity. Since nothing beats a cold beer on a hot day, we spent the rest of the day drinking, rearranging the apartment and looking at pictures from last week's vacation (yes, we used an old fashioned film camera).

So how was your weekend?


  1. Sounds like you had fun. This weekend was the WPW show at Rex's. Good times. I ingested many world famous Rex's Long Island Iced Teas in a pint glass. Yum.

  2. Ugghh.

    I think I did some damage this weekend. Sister Kisser®™©™ had a show Saturday night and I drank WAAYYYY too much.

    And then Sunday, Marconi and I went to watch a friend drag race [this guy wants to paint our band logo on his car]and do some SK®™©™ promo stuff at while the track.

    [Note to self]: NEVER GO TO A RACETRACK HUNGOVER!!! All the sounds and smells...It just wasn't very pretty.

  3. Sounds like you both had fun, music related weekends.

    lioux, were you at a track or one of those street races all the kids are into these days?

  4. I was at a track.

    But tell me more about these street races...

  5. Sorry lioux, its a secret.