Monday, July 02, 2007

How Was Everybody's Weekend

After the past three weeks of unusually busy days at work, I decided it was time to let loose and began my weekend Thursday during happy hour with Kelly and her friend, Daniella at Whiskey Ward on the lower East side. I only stayed for a few because I promised Seth that I would prepare dinner back at the apartment that night. I barely know how to to turn the kitchen's cooking things on so that meant stopping off at our favorite Chinese Mexican joint on the way home. Later that night, Kelly, Who stayed out drinking on the LES, stopped by our place on her way home and ended up staying until Friday evening. We had some more drunk than usual Wii-ing and eventually passed out on the floor in the living room.

Friday evening Seth, Kelly and I headed over to Kitty's place to meet up with Kitty, her husband, Cyndi, Monkey Daemon, Kitty's cousin and cousin's boyfriend. We then headed up to Prospect Park with our blankets, booze and a delicious assortment of cheeses and snacks for a Jazz concert. All though it looked like it might rain at any moment and we even felt a few occasional drops, the weather remained dry and turned into a beautiful night. We all headed back to Kitty's once the booze ran out after we had our fill of jazz for more drinks and plenty of Robotron.

Seth and I were up bright and early on Saturday eagerly anticipating what was supposed to be the highlight of our weekend - Morrissey at the Garden. We quickly found out Morrissey cancelled the show claiming that his throat was soar. Seth spent some time commiserating over the internets with other pissed off fans, when he happened upon our favorite quote of the day on some message board. One "fan" when discussing Morrissey's cancellation wrote "that fat old homo pulls this all the time"! We spent the rest of the day cursing that fat old homo and if the new date is scheduled for a night that we can't make it, that fat old homo will find himself on the receiving end of many angry blog posts here on pop-o-matic.

The rest of my weekend was relatively peaceful and relaxing but peppered with more Morrissey damnations. We even managed to rescue Saturday night by discovering a movie on Demand called 'Drive Through' about a killer clown/fast food mascot named Horny, who goes on a killing spree in the OC. I won't give too much away but let me tell you, I'll never look at a deep fry machine the same way again.

So, how was your weekend?


  1. That old Homo. I'm pissed because we were going to come for a visit, except you had tickets. We totally could have come up if we knew ahead of time the he was canceling.

    My weekend? Playing with the puppy, summering on Rosie's deck, guitar hero. The usual.

  2. Now being at my house can be considered the highlight of your weekend!

    BTW: You are developing some serious Robotron SKILLZ.

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  4. jd - I know, I thought the same thing.

    Kitty - Friday was a blast! I'm shooting for the big board.

  5. How many bad puns based on Every Day is Like Sunday were there on those forums?