Friday, March 21, 2008

Dead Or Alive?

The gist of this post is so simple and obvious that I would be surprised if someone else isn't already doing it on a blog or other form or media. If someone else is doing it, I've never heard of you and, quite frankly, it's not my fault that you have so little buzz that you've remained unheard of to me.

The rules are simple, I post a picture and ask the question, Dead or Alive? then you answer.

This week it's another trick question, Vicki from Small Wonder. So, what do you think? Dead or Alive?


  1. the actress, or the character?

  2. Kitty - either. Since Vicki was a robot was she ever truly alive?

    As for the actress, my guess is she was spit out the bottom of the porn industry and turned to a life of booze, drugs, and prostitution.

  3. ALIVE!
    'Member when Jew linked to that awesome fan site about her? Some girl is obsessed with her. The obsession has shaped her whole existence.

  4. Yes, Colleen!

    Jeff, remember when I was telling you about that site this weekend?

  5. I hated that show! I think she's deader than Kimberly Drummond, Steve Urkel and Balki Bartokomous combined. I can't believe she has a stalker.

  6. Person: Alive
    Acting: Dead

  7. I thought she was DEAD.

    But I guess not.

  8. trick question. she was never actually alive, as she was a robot!