Monday, March 17, 2008

Mean Spirited Monday

Every Monday morning I post a picture of some random celebrity, or non-celebrity for you to comment on. Remember to have fun and be mean spirited with your comments.

I know the Elliot Spitzer scandal is totally last week but unfortunately, everything broke on Tuesday so it missed my deadline for last week's M.S.M. So regurgitate your most witty criticism from last week and leave it here. Let the Meanness begin!


  1. I'll get the meaness started.

    What an asshole! Just when you think that there might actually be one politician who is concerned for us, the people, he turns out to be the biggest idiot on the hill.

    News flash governors - you can not spend close to $100,000 on hookers and not get caught. Please stick your dick back in your pants (or your wife) and wait until your term is over to satisfy your kinky needs.

  2. AMEN JEFF!!!

    I totally just DE-friended 'Kristen' on A GUY NAMED 'TOM' FOR THAT MATTER!!!...Just to be safe.

    And I Love, Love, Love that you got the Monday meaness started!

    I'm sometimes my own first commenter on B2BR as well.

  3. I think what pisses me off most is the ludicrous amount of money he spent.....

  4. Can you imagine how creepy and weasily he must be in bed? I'd charge him double.

  5. Was your plan to bring prostitution to its knees one hooker at a time? What kind of loser pays $4300 a pop for sex? For that kind of money I want an eight hour long continuous orgasm, my house repainted, car washed, read the entire library of works of Arturo Perez Reverte and a foot massage. What did you get?

    Kudos to Lioux for de-friending that skank Kristen. ;)

  6. Fucking governors... (ha!)

  7. Anonymous12:50 PM

    I don't know, is good pussy really that expensive?

  8. ugh. perfect photo choice for this post. just read the NY Mag article on him in last week's issue. such a douche. nothing more specific to add.