Thursday, March 06, 2008

Holy Crap Big Brother!

Wow! Did you watch last night's Big Brother? I was on the edge of my couch! Stop reading here if you don't want to know what happened.

Even though us viewers knew when the siren was going to go off, I was still blown away when Alison got to the door and it was locked and then the siren called them all back to the living room. That was great! I'm glad Alison is gone, she seemed like a real jerk. Things are going to get dicey now that everyone is playing for themselves and I can't wait! Right now I'm rooting for Josh but I really like Natalie - she is nuts, and I'm starting to like Matt a lot also.

Who are you rooting for?


  1. Ohhh. I had to stop reading.

    I'm not familiar with BB®™©™.

    But I have heard good things.

  2. I loved when Allison got all excited cause she thought she was staying and then they voted her out anyway! haha, she sucks.

    Also, How funny was it when James called Matt out for playing both sides in front of everyone!!! That was sooo great.

    I really like James for that.

  3. I'm so glad I'm not watching it this season.