Wednesday, March 05, 2008

One Born Every Minute

I think I just got suckered in my own house. A traveling salesman came to the door. Having lived in apartments for the past - hmm, I don't even know how long, since college - I just assumed that door-to-door salesman went the way of Doctors recommending their patients smoke Camel cigarettes. Well, it seems the age-old practice is alive and kicking up here in the Berkshires. A modern day Gypsy (sorry Kelly) just came to my door selling steaks and I bought some! I have no idea what I was looking at but this fella seemed pretty impressed by his goods and tried to sell me a whole box for $300. In the end, I took 12 strip steaks (NY & Kansas City) for $50. I don't know my strip steaks from my strip clubs so can anyone out there tell me if this was a good deal or not?


  1. I wouldn't ask Colleen.

    She probably wouldn't know.

  2. SUCKER!

    Why do you think we have a sign on our door that says:

    "If you have clipboard, we are not interested."

  3. Lioux - good point.

    jdizz - but you live in a neighborhood. I'm in the woods of the mountains.

    Big daddy - thanks. Now I don't feel so stupid.

  4. Kelly9:15 PM

    Jeff - Real gypsies are no problem at fact you should invite them in for some tea and your silverware.

    It's the negative slang that bugs me (aka... I just got gyped).

    Good for you for embracing a long aliented culture. I will eat those steaks!

  5. Those dudes are everywhere! It's not a bad deal, as long as it looks fresh. I almost bought some last year but couldn't see spending that much all at once. I'm tight, you see.

  6. $50 for that many strip steaks is a great deal, IF they are good quality meat. thats the part that always trips me up about those door to door steak guys, I never know if I trust where they are coming from....

    But I will eat them! Lets cook a couple next weekend!