Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Go Speed Go!

Are you excited about the Speed Racer movie coming out in May? Did you even know that this was happening? I was mildly interested until I saw the following trailer. Now, my engine is revving with anticipation.


  1. I heard the budget for this movie was pretty small...that is, until they got John Goodman's catering bill. Just kidding. ;)

    The visuals are awesome and I'm interested in how they adapted it from the cartoon.

  2. Looks like it could be very cheesy. And is that Christine Ricci as Trixi? hmmm. I like her but I have a feeling this is gonna bomb like Ashlee Simpson on SNL.

  3. ummmm....where do I buy my ticket?

    Was that Rose Mcgowan?

  4. I agree.

    It could go either way: be really cool or really cheesy.