Tuesday, October 03, 2006


What happened on Sunday that caused The Amazing Race to start 30 minutes late forcing me to miss the end of the show! I had just settled down with a glass of wine to enjoy one of my favorite Fall programs only to discover that some geriatric crap called 60 Minutes, ran 30 minutes late. If corporate America can build a GPS system that allows people to pinpoint their exact location on the planet, surely my DVR can figure out where the show I asked it to record begins. So now I'm stuck sitting here watching Leave It To Beaver and bitching about the fact that I have no idea which team is out of the race. So, the Beaver was just a retarded kid slipping through the school system, right? In this episode titled, 'Beaver's English Test', beaver is clearly in the throws of puberty and the English test he is studying for involves picking the adjective from the sentence "The early bird catches the worm." Not only does the Beaver not know which word is the adjective, but he can't even remember the sentence immediately after Wally (who is helping him study) reads it to him. Then Gilbert comes over and forces Wally to help him study also or his dad will hit him. Later when Beaver and Gilbert are in class and a test is handed out, Gilbert says something about changing his underwear. This show is so disturbing I've almost forgotten about the Race fiasco. Speaking of The Race, I think its off to a great start. Its nice to see a season with a good variety of teams rather than the usual countless straight, white, dating couples who aren't sure if they want to take the next step in their relationship but think that competing in a highly stressful and televised race around the world for $1 million will help them figure it out.

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