Thursday, October 05, 2006


Welcome to my first semi-regular section, 'Genius At Work'!

Occasionally I have ideas that I think can make the world a better place to live in. Lacking the manufacturing capabilities to bring my ideas to fruition, they usually go to waste in my mind. So I've decided to post my ideas here in the hopes that some mega corporation will stumble across them and throw bucket loads of cash at me to turn these ideas into reality. Of course, the mega corporations will probably just steal my ideas and screw me but at least I'll have the proof to back up my "hey that was my idea" rantings.

My first idea is one I've shared with friends to mixed reactions. Its CheeseUp, cheese flavored ketchup. If your first reaction to that concept was "gross" or "that's disgusting", then you've probably never had cheese fries or a Philly cheese steak. You see, the problem is, melted cheese and ketchup just don't mix. Try dipping a cheese-covered French fry into ketchup - the ketchup just doesn't stick. Now imagine dipping that fry into one sauce that combines the taste and flavor of both ketchup and cheese. The result is pure deliciousness!

Come on #2 ketchup maker Hunts. You’ve been searching for a way to beat Heinz for years and this could be it.

Thanks for reading my first Genius At Work posting. Check back here often because you never know when another idea will seep from my brain and onto the web.

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  1. J-Dizzle8:20 AM

    Now that's just nasty. I know you have a "thing" for fries. But seriously, this is foul. What you should do is just put everything in a blender and have a fry smoothie. Good for on-the-go.