Monday, March 26, 2007

Monday Morning Grumblings

The slight tickle I had in my throat last Thursday blossomed into a full blown sore throat Friday morning. By that evening, I had a lovely cough as well and decided to stay home and self-medicate myself with plenty of vitamin C. Taking a tip from Mr. Boston, I determined the best source of Vitamin C is the Scewdriver. I guess I didn't get to the medicine early enough (I should have started at breakfast) because Saturday I woke up coughing and sneezing and now had a headache to add to the mix.

I had to admit defeat and cancel my plans Saturday night with Jen and Rita, (Editors note: Jen won't read my blogs entries when there are too many words so I know by adding her name and picture here she will have to actually read to make sure I'm not making fun of her).

My cold was even worse by Sunday and I'm still not feeling 100% better. Fortunately, my discomfort can benefit you as I had a chance to watch a lot of movies over the weekend and can recommend three great films.

The first is 'For Your Consideration'. The latest goof-ball fest from the Guthman gang leaves the traditional mockumentary format behind and tells an actual story of life on and off the set of a little movie with big potential. While nothing could be as funny as Guffman, in my opinion, Consideration is much better than 'A Mighty Wind' and very close to 'Best In Show'.

Next we watched the latest 007 flick, 'Casino Royale'. I'm sure everyone has their own favorite Bond movie. I've always been partial to 'A View To A Kill' but that might be because it was the first Bond movie I saw in a theater or because it starred Grace Jones and Duran Duran did the song. Anyway, sentimentality aside, 'Casino Royale' might be the best Bond to date. Daniel Craig is a great Bond choice and the movie was much more of a suspenseful action thriller with a good story rather than the goofy gimmicky last Brosnan film.

Finally, we watched 'Blood Diamond'. We were torn between 'The Departed' and Blood but decided we'd rather watch Leonardo DiCaprio shoot people in Africa over America. Plus the movie's description of people on an adventure to find a diamond reminded me of 'The Great Muppet Caper.' While their were no muppets or celebrity cameos, 'Blood Diamond' was a great, eye-opening film that made me promise to never buy a diamond. I guess I'll just have to give up my dreams of a diamond encrusted Wii Remote.

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