Saturday, March 03, 2007

Verizon Finds New Ways To Suck

I've written several posts sharing my personal Verizon disaster stories. I write these posts to both release my own frustrations but also to make others aware of what a terrible company Verizon is. Hopefully you might remember all the problems I've had with Verizon the next time you find yourself with a choice between Verizon and another company.

Fortunately, the latest Verizon sucks story doesn't affect me since I'm no longer a Verizon victum, oops, I mean customer.

According to an article on The Consumerist, Verizon is adding a new lengthy greeting to its voice mail that all customers will have to listen when checking their messages. This is more than just annoying, it means Verizon customers will using more of their minutes every time they check their messages.

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