Thursday, March 29, 2007

My New Favorite Bar

Let me start by saying that in no way am I claiming to be on the ground floor of discovering my new favorite bar. Judging by the crowd there last night, it has obviously been open for a while and already the favorite watering hole of many Brooklynites.

The bar is called Union Hall, on Union street in Park Slope. Just walking in, I knew I would love it by the way it was decorated like a cozy den or study. I've always dreamed of having a room like this in my house and if I ever own a house, will definitely make that dream come true. Despite the cozy atmosphere, the bar is large enough to sport two bocce ball courts in the back.

The menu offers a good selection of beer on tap, bottled, and even in cans (Seth was excited about the cans of PBR). The food is a step above the average bar menu (by average bar menu I mean wings and baskets of fries) but not as pretentious as tapas.

Another important prerequisite for favorite bars of mine are the bathrooms and again Union Hall scored high in this department. There's a large communal sink room with a good amount of private toilet rooms located on the basement level. Kelly, my drinking buddy and avid smoker, was pleased with the side patio area that allowed her to smoke without feeling the shame of standing out on the sidewalk.

The cost, in my opinion, is low for NYC. There were three of us, until Seth left for work, and we had several rounds of drinks (at least 6) and plates of food and the bill was still under $100.

All in all, I couldn't be happier with my new favorite bar and best of all, its a relatively short stumble from home. Who's up for happy hour today?


  1. Avid smoker? I aint no old smokes! And while you may feel it was a responsible early night out, that's only because we started so early. Still, I love those popper thingys

  2. How about "cigarette aficionado"?

    We should start early more often so I can feel responsible all the time.

  3. Let's dress the snowman.

    Cigarette aficionado makes it sound like I subscribe to Smokers Monthly. How about "mild, responsible smoker"?

  4. Agreed!

    Does that mean you smoke mild blend cigarettes or that you a mild mannered person like Clark Kent?

  5. I is mild mannered like Clark and I like a mild blend.

    I love that doo-doo line!

  6. Oh yes. Three things: 1. I, too, want the fireplace/book-lined den room. 2. Did you have the CHEESE BALLS?!?! OMG.
    3. This bar has a brother bar on Atlantic Ave called Floyd, also with bocce, but with the additional option of Crap-a-copia, which is a bucket full of assorted crappy beers. One bucket costs about what you would pay for a case of said beers upstate while camping.