Saturday, March 31, 2007

My New Favorite Bar - Update

When I stake my claim on a new favorite bar I mean it. Friday night found my ass in the same booth at Union Hall that I spent Wednesday night in. The friday night crowd was completely different then the Wednesday crowd and by different I mean a bunch of loud assholes.

Somebody actually had the rediculous sense to bring their kids to the bar. I know, I know, having children doesn't mean ending your social life but give me a break, it was Friday night! And these kids weren't infants strapped into chairs or strollers. I would have no problem with infants as long as they weren't seated near me crying. Now that bars are smoke-free environments I see no reason not to take babys to a bar, unless its a place like Siberia or The Cock. But these kids were kids - running, shouting, tantrum-throwing kids. They spent most of the night throwing the bocci balls and disrupting the adjoining court's game.

Aside from the kids, there seemed to be a large B&T contingency, which is never a good thing, and a large group was holding some sort of awards ceremony in the rear of the bar. Despite all that, I still had a great time and resolve to continue my plight to be a fixture at Union Hall.


  1. See, this right here is why I've almost entirely stopped going to bars on the weekend. I hate crowds, for one thing, and I hate people being loud and "partyin'" when I'm trying to go about the serious business of consuming alcohol.

    By the way, a friend of mine held a birthday party at The Cock a few years ago and... ew. I have nothing against gay bars at all, but, man, that place smelled like a urinal cake and I felt like I was going to get crabs if I sat down anywhere.

  2. Clinton, that must have been some birthday party. I hope you scrubbed vigorously after leaving the Cock.

  3. Scoured with lye.

  4. Oh. I would totally be annoyed with children running around being all loud and such.

  5. JDizzle1:34 PM

    Children suck.

  6. Bloomberg allows children in Manhattan?