Thursday, March 22, 2007

My Fall Line-Up

Judging by the success of the TV show, 'Dancing With the Stars', Americans have an insatiable lust for watching celebrities makes fools of themselves on television and there is no end to the number of B,C, and D-list celebrities willing to do just that.

So lets stop beating around the bush and just cut to the chase. Following are a few concepts I have that fall under the banner of Laughing At The Stars. Its sort of like Must See TV, that you will really want to see.

Rehabbing With The Stars:
The cameras are rolling as 50 of your favorite celebrity junkies enter the Pity Me Pines rehab clinic. Each week, these junkies will be pitted against each other and their vices in a battle of will, strength and determination as they fight for the ultimate title of "Rehabilitated Celebrity".

Celebrity Eat Club:
25 of today's most emaciated anorexic stars are forced to spend 30 days on a ranch where they will have to eat three square meals a day plus snacks in between. Whoever doesn't clean there plate will face "The Injector"! An I.V. drip of pure reclaimed fat.

This Is Your Life Closeted Celebrity:
Each week, one of today's biggest closeted celebrities joins us in studio for a look at their life through the eyes of people from their past. What they don't know, is that we have secretly switched their friends, family and lackeys with the trannies, male prostitutes and gay bar pick-ups that they don't want you to know about.

Vehicular Manslaughter With The Stars:
From Mathew Broderick to Halle Berry, after million dollar Oscar goodies bags and the freedom to insult entire races of people without getting beat up for it, killing people with a car and not going to jail is the best perk of being a celebrity. Each week, one lucky viewer will be strapped into the passenger seat of one of today's most reckless celebrities as they hit the roads in search of their next prey.

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