Thursday, January 11, 2007

Verizon DSL Sucks

After a tumultuous experience with Verizon DSL that took 5 months to rectify, I swore to never use their service again. Unfortunately, my office uses Verizon DSL and for the second time in roughly two months, we have no internet service at work.

We lost our connection yesterday afternoon mysteriously and incredibly coincidentally right after a Verizon technician arrived at our building to install internet lines for the office across that hall. While the technician refused to admit he was the cause of our outage, a Verizon customer service rep who our office manager was dealing with told us that the technician was absolutely the reason we lost service. This technician, who was still in our building, couldn't fix our problem, the one he was responsible for, because the home office hadn't issued him a work order for it. You've got to love corporate America.

Our customer service rep told the office manager that a new technician would be there to fix the problem this morning at 8am. This caused the whole office to laugh. Its now 2:00 and I'm still working from home where my cable internet connection is up and running.

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