Monday, January 22, 2007

Evenin' Guvner

After an incredible trip to London, Seth & I are back in Brooklyn. Scroll down to read daily recaps with some lovely photos of our trip. I can't say enough what a great time we had and how much I love London. Not only did I love the city itself but the people as well. I hope I don't get the same amount of flack as Gweneth for saying this but the people there were just more mannerly and polite than they are here. The entire time we were in London we didn't experience any attitude, pushiness, or rudeness. However, the first person we encountered when returning to the US, the customs agent, was rude, gruff and abrasive.

With all that said, its still great to be home and I've decided to bring a little bit of London back to New York with me. For starters, I'll now call french fries "chips", refer to the subway as "underground", no longer tip bartenders, only frequent authentic pubs and drink good beer, take up chain smoking and drive on the left side of the road.


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  1. What's the latest on Paul McCartney and Heather Mills??? Just kidding. Sounds like a great vacation.