Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Two new shows launched this week on VH1 and I tuned in for both of them. The first is Surreal Life: Fame Games. This is craptastic TV at its best. Some of the most entertaining house mates of past seasons of the Surreal Life have been brought back for this Big Brother style game show. The "celebrities" including Vanilla Ice, China Doll, Bridget Nielson, Emanual Lewis, Ron Jeremy, and Verne Troyer among others, have to compete to stay in the house while losers are kicked out. The last person remaining in the house is the winner but I have no idea what they win.

The second new show is Shooting Sizemore, a documentary following the rehabilitation of actor Tom Sizemore. Apparently this guy got hooked on meth and heroin after a date with Heidi Flice. This show follows him as he leaves rehab and uses home movies from his drugged out days as background info. Sounds good doesn't it? Unfortunately, the first episode was so dull, even the drug binge footage, that I couldn't watch for more than 10 minutes. Good luck Tom, however, I won't be watching.

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