Wednesday, January 10, 2007

My New Favorite Song

Is Love Today by MIKA.

What's your current favorite song?


  1. Anonymous10:34 AM

    IF ~ Janet Jackson.

  2. I just discovered i had this song called F.U.R.B by Frankee on my iPod. Lyrics are truly poetic:

    You thought you could really make me moan
    I had better sex all along (ha ha ha ha)
    I had to do your friend
    Now you want me to come back
    You must be smokin' crack
    Im goin' else where and thats a fact

    Fuck all those nights I moaned real loud
    Fuck it,I faked it,i'll rent you out
    Fuck all those nights you thought you broke my back
    Well guess what your,your sex was wack

  3. Anonymous3:15 PM

    Josh...I wrote that song.

  4. that Lady Sovereign song