Monday, January 08, 2007


Seth & I have a little tradition we like to celebrate on Sundays called Chicos Days or Rainy Saturdays. We recognize these days by staying in our pajamas, turning off our phones, watching lots of television and movies, reading magazines and catalogs, and ordering all our meals in. Unfortunately, we don't often have the time for full on Chicos days but yesterday was the first since before the holidays.

I've come up with a great way to turn our slothenly ways into productive days by providing reviews of the movies we watch whenever we have a Chicos day.

We began yesterday with An Inconvenient Truth. This is the documentary that follows Al Gore as he travels the world giving a presentation on global warming. I expected the movie to be interesting but it was also entertaining, well produced and frightening. It's hard to argue with the movie's assertions when the temperature in New York is in the 70's during January. Gore himself is energetic, entertaining and funny. I couldn't help wondering, if he had shown as much enthusiasm while running for president if we couldn't all be living in a better world today. If you haven't seen this movie, I highly recommend it. If you do rent it, stay tuned during the closing credits for tips and suggestions on how we as individuals can do something to fight global warming.

Our second feature of the day was Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby. While the movie had a few very funny moments, for the most part it was just sort of funny. I imagine I missed a lot of inside jokes because I know nothing about NASCAR. I'd love to know how much Applebee's payed for the insane amount of product placement it featured. I was pleasantly surprised to see Popular alum, Leslie Bibb in a starring role. This wasn't my favorite Will Farrel movie but it was a great mindless entertainment vehicle.

Our final film was M. Night Shamalamadingdong's Lady In The Water. It seems that people either love this guy's movies or hate them. I love them. I think all his movies are stylish and unique and go where other movies never dream of. Lady is a beautiful tale of an old bedtime story surfacing in a modern world. Lady is more quirky and lighthearted than Shamalamadingdong's other films but it's still suspenseful and full or surprises.

Hopefully, these reviews will come in handy the next time you are renting a movie. And if you've never had a Chicos day of your own, you should try it. If spending a Sunday doing nothing is hard for you to imagine, try getting really drunk on Saturday so that you are so hungover on Sunday you can barely lift your head. Feel free to contact me for more tips and ideas on planning your own Chicos day.


  1. i have to ask -- do you call them Chicos Days because of those horrible Chicos ladies fashion commercials that they used to show on tv?

  2. Yes Buzz, that's exactly where we got the name. One of those goofy commercials had a voice over describing a lazy day and at the end called it a Chicos Day. the name just sort of stuck.