Thursday, January 18, 2007

Day 2 part 3

By this time we both needed the loo and figured a pub was in order. We happened upon the Tom Cribb, a small pub named in honor of a boxer, where we had a few beers and called Kelly & Adam to plan the evening's event.

The plan was to meet at a restaurant across the street from St. Pauls Cathedral and we made our way there through the haphazard streets of London. Of course, we got misplaced but luckily stumbled upon a bar Seth remembered frequenting when he was here in 2000 with Mark Morris. We eventually made it to the restaurant where Kelly & Adam were waiting with their delightful friend Rina (who is about to give birth to a chain-smoking, whorish baby . . . possibly fathered by Adam). We had a wonderful dinner, which I'm still feeling stuffed from then stopped off at the Northgate for an after dinner drink before eventually heading back to the flat for disc 3 of Beverly Hills 90210.

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